The familiar ding sounds on your computer. You have mail. Your heart beats faster as you scroll through the messages to the unopened one. Yes, it is from the publisher! No, it is from the publisher! You swipe your sweaty palms across your pants, then click the mouse to open the email. It’s what you have been waiting for. NO. Your heart sinks as you read that your manuscript just isn’t a good fit. Wiping away the tears, you swear you will never submit another manuscript. This avenue is simply not for you.

Well, guess what. A rejection letter does not always mean no. Sometimes it means, not now.

This is a true story of my first rejection. First, not last. Seems like those dreaded letters N and O appear more often than any of us like. So, I mulled over this email for a few hours. (Okay, more like one hour because I am a rather impatient person at times.) I sucked in a deep breath, and let my fingers hit the keyboard. Several backspaces and deletes later, I was satisfied with my response to this editor. I graciously thanked her for taking the time to read my manuscript and I said that I would take her advice and work on my writing skills. And there it went… out into cyberspace.

To my surprise, the editor emailed me back with an amazing offer. If I was interested, she would work with me one-on-one, at my pace to see if we could whip this story into something acceptable. I was floored. Why would she, a total stranger, take a chance on me? I couldn’t answer that question, but I was so ecstatic that I jumped on the opportunity. I wanted to go all mushy on her, but had to hold back not wanting to scare her away with my emotional junkie side.

Months later – I believe it was close to a year – my story was complete (again). Now it was up to the committee at the publishing house as to whether it was acceptable to them. Again, I found myself staring at an unopened email message from the editor. It was either yes or no. Only way to find out was to open the message. YES!!! The committee accepted!!

My debut novel, HEAT FLASH, was published in 2013 by The Wild Rose Press. In 2015 the eBook rights were obtained by Amazon Encore. And now, 2017, I am working on edits for my fourth book to be published by TWRP, and I have one book indie published. And yes, I still have the same editor!!

All of that to say again, no doesn’t always mean no. Sometimes it just means, not now. If writing is your passion, never stop at the no’s and negativities you will encounter. Get your head on, talk to other authors, and see what readers are interested in. Your dedication and positive thinking will bring forth more opportunities than you can imagine. Let those characters out of your head and put them on the paper where they are meant to be.

My advice to beginning authors is never give up. Seek your dreams and pursue your goals with everything you have. One day that NOT NOW will turn into your REALITY.

Taylor Anne




I am a romance author, leaning more to the suspense side. I enjoy the challenge of getting my characters stories on paper. Sometimes they want to argue – and they usually win. It doesn’t matter who wins that battle as long as they help me write the best story for you! I bring you romance and life that is comfy, cozy, and always fun!

I live in Southwest Louisiana with my husband. Our combined family consists of two daughters and two sons – and growing with in-laws and grandbabies. I love spending time with family and friends, relaxing on the beach, cuddling with my cat (Oscar), sipping on a glass of wine, and bringing happiness and smiles to others.

Website ǁ Twitter ǁ Facebook ǁ GoodReads ǁ Amazon Author Page ǁ Taylor’s Tidbits


GENRE (S) Fiction: Romance, Mystery, Suspense; Contemporary: Romance, Romantic Suspense

PUBLISHER: Amazon Encore; eBook Price: $3.99; Paperback: $12.99



When Kendall’s life is threatened, he has no choice but to risk body and soul-and even his heart-to save her.

When FBI agent Mason Black left Kendall Reed without warning, it devastated her, but she managed to bounce back. Now on the run from a maniacal stalker, she must learn to trust the man who betrayed her in the past. Dealing with his own insecurities and secrets, Mason will do anything to protect Kendall from the dangerous lunatic terrorizing her. But the bigger threat may be the one Kendall poses to his heart. Scared of Kendall’s reaction if she learns the truth about him, Mason puts his own problems and emotions on hold to find her stalker. But when Kendall’s life is threatened, he has no choice but to risk body and soul–and even his heart–to save her.



Look,” Kendall said, irritation lacing her words. “I know you don’t want me here. You did your duty by protecting me. You saved my life tonight, and now you’re stuck here. The least I can do is keep you company.” She silently hoped that explanation would satisfy him. She was wrong.

Mason watched her. A flicker of some emotion flitted across his face before he rasped, “It was my job to watch after you. This,” he gestured to the bed and rumpled sheets pooled around his waist. “This is one of the drawbacks of my job. It’s something I’ve learned to get used to. And, it’s just that, my job, it’s nothing personal. You don’t need to babysit me.”

“I see.” She turned away from his cold stare so he wouldn’t see the hurt his words had caused. He dismissed her, just as he had done in the past. So much for thinking they could talk. So much for the flutter in her heart at knowing that Mason was back in town. She fought hard to hold back tears.

Fear of going home to an empty house turned her stomach. She lifted her hand to rub her throat. She had to get control of her emotions. She wasn’t afraid of much and didn’t want to allow herself to be scared now, even though the night’s events justified a little fear. With confidence she mustered up from somewhere, she took a deep breath, removed her hand from her throat, stubbornly set her jaw, and faced the man lying in the bed.

Her clipped words took them both by surprise. “Nothing personal. It never is with you, is it?”


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