Interview: Laurie Olerich, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Author on her new release, KOIVU

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?

I write urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I love creating the world and the lore that goes with it. The little details of setting, culture, history and creatures are so much fun to write! My stories are meant to be an escape for readers. What better way to forget your problems than to lose yourself in a world that may or may not exist alongside our distressing one? Each book builds on the lore and the backstory so it unfolds in real time as you read. I love giving my characters unique psychic abilities that give them an edge on the bad guys and in the bedroom too–telepathy, telekinesis, energy exchange, teleporting… Imagine the possibilities! My paranormal world includes Primani (immortal soldiers), psychics, angels, and demons (both good and bad). Oh, and just because this is PNR, there’s no reason to leave out the occasional kinky character, is there? These guys have needs too! Now, isn’t that more fun than cowboys and bikers? Wink, wink!

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

I’ve loved reading since I was a little girl. My mother read to me often and I devoured every book I could get my hands on. I remember reading “Reader’s Digest” and the encyclopedias when there were no new books. I memorized all of the Nancy Drew books by the time I was 11. When I was about 14, I discovered Piers Anthony. There’s just something about escaping into another world that appeals to me. I can’t tell you how many Nancy Drew mysteries I invented in my neighborhood!

What do you think most characterizes your writing?

I describe my writing style as action oriented, fast paced, and conversational. My characters tell the story from the prologue to the epilogue. Sure, I have to guide them along and fill in the details, but the story comes from them. I love the twists and turns this brings to the plot. The romance is as important to me as the plot and action scenes so I let it flow as the characters want. I believe romance has to flow organically so I don’t try to rush it. Same thing for sex. Each couple has their own personalities so their romance and sex scenes will be as true to that as I can make it. For example, my crazier couples will have sex in public or indulge in hot, wild monkey sex. My more spiritual, sensual couples are more likely to make love in a steamy lagoon or an elegant hotel room.

In a nutshell, I write stories to sweep readers into my world. I prefer to sprinkle clues and Easter eggs across the book and weave the backstories along the way to create that delicious feeling of anticipation that my readers really want.

What projects are you working on at the present?

I’m having a blast writing the stories in my new Demons After Dark series. These poor demons have been exiled into human bodies and they are in constant trouble. Between their love lives and the ongoing conspiracy to overthrow Lucifer, I’ve got a lot to write. I’m in the middle of book four now. “Derick (Demons After Dark Book Four) should be released between Dec-Jan. I’m also working on another novella in my Primani series. This one will also be released between Dec-Jan.

What do your plans for future projects include?

I’ve got a full plate! In 2018, I’m planning an additional two books in the Demons After Dark series and another novel and a novella in the Primani series. I’ve got a contemporary romance series planned for 2019.


Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?  

Hmmm. I do my best thinking out loud, so I usually run my plots by my Dalmatian, Rambo. He’s the genius behind my secret society in Hell series arc. Is that strange?

How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?

I can eat about eight. Seriously. Nine, if I’m starving. They’re nothing but sugar and air! I have no willpower over donuts so I rarely buy them.

What is your go-to method for getting rid of hiccups?

I never get the hiccups. Seriously. Like never.

If I gave you a pencil and piece of paper and told you to draw something funny, what would you draw?

Silly puppy faces with lolling tongues, or perhaps, sad penises. Those are always funny!

Do you have a favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Yes! Those chocolate-coconut-caramel thingies.

How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before you actually hate it instead?

8,321.5 times. I’m very patient.

This or That?

Dogs or Cats?  

Dogs! Dalmatians most of all! I love my spotted furbabies.

Marvel or DC Comics?  

Marvel—I’m a big Thor fan! And Agent Coulson! And Iron Man! But not Captain America. He’s too goody-goody.

Winter or Summer?  

Winter for sure. I hate to sweat!

TexMex or Italian?

TexMex all the way. I make awesome chicken enchiladas.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla, but I wouldn’t kick chocolate out of bed.

Fun Facts about the author:

I’m a zombie apocalypse junkie–totally a guilty pleasure! I’m fascinated with the way the world’s embraced the idea—books, movies, games, TV shows, chat rooms, blogs…it’s crazy how fast the phenomena has spread. Completely normal people sit around and talk about what they’d do if the world suddenly was overrun with zombies. If I had more money, I’d probably be a doomsday prepper. My son’s officially in charge of all things apocalyptic in our house. So we have two hatchets–unsharpened–in the garage and a combat shotgun in the upstairs bedroom. Yep, that’s his plan.

Over the years, I’ve rescued and rehabilitated 26 Dalmatians. There are so many abandoned and unwanted animals out there and I’m glad I was able to find new homes for these beautiful dogs. At any given time, we usually have two or three Dals in the house. Although now we’re down to only one since my favorite girl died last year. Princess Domino was 15. She may be gone, but I immortalized her in my Primani books in the years before she died. Yes, she really did play hacky-sack with us! Luckily, we’ve still got Rambo. He’s my writing buddy now. We rescued him from an abandoned crack house. Once we got him cleaned up and healed from terrible injuries, he’s been a wonderful, loving member of the family. I recommend adopting a rescued animal to anyone looking for a new furbaby!


Laurie Image 8 cropped final.jpg

Laurie Olerich is a Texas girl with an unhealthy love of hockey, a taste for expensive bourbon, and an obsession with all things supernatural. She writes taut, action-packed, and wickedly sexy urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Creating a world filled with immortal soldiers, micromanaging archangels, and unforgettable demons is her one true passion. Give her angel juice and demon mojo any day of the week! She loves taking psychic abilities and twisting them around in new and exciting ways. Add in a ton of high-octane action, shocking subplots, funny characters who nag at her in her sleep, and explosive sex and she calls that a book! Her PNR elements tend to be demons, angels, and psychics not shifters, vamps, or fae. And she’s got a thing for flawed, muscle-y smartasses who carry weapons. She just can’t help herself. She likes sharp & pointies and things that go BOOM!


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Team Lucifer?

This Band of Brothers Will Steal Your Heart!

Introducing the Demons after Dark series! It’s hot paranormal romance featuring unlikely alpha heroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Known as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was stripped of their powers and violently exiled from Hell. Forced to live as humans, they’re left with no power and no weapons while a secret society quietly plots Lucifer’s demise. For these big, bad demons, adjusting to life as a human is, well, harder than Hell!

Former Hell’s Fury champion, Koivu, is desperate to return to Hell to reclaim his title and stolen life. As an extreme athlete, he had fame, glory, and more pleasure than he probably deserved. He was a freakin’ rock star! Being exiled in a broken human body is his worst nightmare. Stripped of his powers and unable to fight, he’s consumed by frustration, counting the seconds until he can go home. His future looks bleak until he meets a sexy, soft-hearted physical therapist who heals much more than his shoulder.

Physical therapist Micki Glass knows something about damaged people. She’s been struggling to get over her ex for three long years when this crazy man crashes into her life. He’s crude and intense but irresistibly charming. With his feral eyes and sexy smile, Koivu takes her on a sensual joyride that makes her feel like a woman again. As their affair heats up, she craves him like oxygen until she discovers what he really is. With more than her heart on the line, can she accept his past and love him for who he is now?

The day of reckoning is looming closer and the sacrifices have begun. Can Koivu stop the murders, find the rest of the Trinity, and convince the woman he loves to give him another chance before it’s too late?

Warning: This story contains intensely hot sex, an irresistibly-damaged hero, and a damsel with a steel backbone. Have a box of tissues handy. The author takes no responsibility for missed work or grouchiness from lack of sleep.

Note: This title can be read as a stand-alone story, but for the full backstory, start with “Vanek.”

Books in the Series:




˃˃˃ Introducing Demons After Dark!

This Primani World crossover series is hot paranormal romance featuring unlikely heroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Dubbed as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was branded as traitors and tossed out of Hell while an ancient evil patiently plots Lucifer’s demise. Waking up with no memories and no powers, the Trinity are horrified to learn they’re now human and the conspiracy goes much deeper than they thought. An uneasy alliance with the archangel Raphael is their only hope of clearing their names and stopping a civil war in Hell from destroying humanity.

All is not lost though. Between some heavenly interference and the love of a few good women, the Trinity just might solve the mystery before all Hell breaks loose. Each book features one of my heroes and his lady love plus extends the overarching conspiracy. These are action-packed stories filled with humor and smokin’ hot sex.


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