Guest Post by Romance Author, Constance Phillips

Love Heals

The underlying theme to the Sunnydale Days Series – All That’s Unforeseen is book five – is hearts, horses, and healing. In the books, I took a small town adjacent to the one I grew up in and planted a therapeutic riding facility.

Over the course of the books, I’ve highlighted different people who have been helped by the unconditional love that animals – horses in particular – provide, but when it came to this book, I felt like there needed to be an extra kick of fur-baby love.rosie_Lola.jpg

Meet Lola: An Old English Bulldog that belongs to hero Eli Briggs.

The picture I’ve actually shared here is one of our two Old English Bulldogs, Rosie. I was introduced to the breed ten years ago when my husband brought home a clumsy, head-heavy puppy. Lily, at times, had trouble walking across the room without falling over, but was the quintessential example of unconditional love. Both of the bullies are large, clown-like babies whose lives are devoted to bringing a big smile to your face.

Just the kind of companion, I could see Eli having. And one that Joss needed introduced to.

In All That’s Unforeseen, it’s been suggested the heroine think about an assistance dog for her wheelchair bound son, a cost and responsibility she is not sure she can take on. The hero’s dog – Lola – gladly jumps into the roll, even though bulldog is not the first breed that comes to mind when we’re talking service animals.

You will have to read the book for the hijinks, but I will share the underlying message that, whether it be from your soulmate or a furry friend, love heals.

About the book:

All That’s Unforeseen – Sunnydale Days

Book 5 Hearts, horses, and healing

Knowing how the story ends doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful surprises along the way.

AllThatsUnforseen-Cphillips 1a.jpgWhen her son was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy Marilynn Morgan knew how the story was going to end. What she didn’t know was what life would bring her along the way. She didn’t anticipate her husband leaving her or getting remarried a few years later. She didn’t realize how lonely her life would become, and she certainly didn’t expect to feel the way she did when her ex-husband’s best friend, Eli Briggs, showed up to fix Joss’s lift.

Back in high school, Eli fell head over heels for Marilynn, but when she started chasing his best friend he buried his feelings. Over the years, he silently stood by his friends through the good times and the bad. Now, three years have passed since Dan walked out, and Marilynn’s late night call has him back in her and Joss’s life–and is giving him a chance to rewrite a future he thought he knew.

She accepted her son’s terminal diagnosis…but couldn’t foresee how her ex-husband’s best friend could change everything.

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