Desperately Seeking YOU!


Authors, editors, teachers, writing professionals, book publishing and promoting professionals, and book event organizers…

Would you like the opportunity to be interviewed, do a guest post, or do a video promo for your next work?

My new blog, The Librarian Talks, will focus on reading/writing/planning/spreading the love of your work, from all genres, and about the writing life.

Interviews can be written or video recorded, it’s up to you. Guest Posts can be emailed in Word format.

A small amount of review requests will be accepted from authors with whom I already have a working relationship. I hope to be able to take more review requests in the future.

I’m also open to any other fun ideas. I really want to try to stay away from being a traditional blog, posting nothing but promotional material. I would like this to be a more interactive extension of my radio talk show, but not limiting the genre to romance/erotica.

Ideas for interviews or posts:
– Special issues on writing for a particular audience
– Your Top Ten…..pick a subject
– How to deal with rejection in the writing world
– Social Networking for the beginning author
– Planning a book launch
– Book lists/recommendations on trending topics
– Cons…how to get started
– anything else you can think of !!

Spark any interest? Just fill out the form here, and I’ll get in touch to get everything set up.

Feel free to share with all of your book world friends that you think might be interested.

Thank you!
Tabatha Pope, The Librarian

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